About – Alamco Diplomatic Bond

Pioneers in Duty Free import

Here at Alamco we buy, sell, rent out, repair and armour vehicles.

For years diplomats have been facing problems while buying good quality vehicles. Alamco Diplomatic Bond was established in 1971 to provide diplomats with verified good quality cars. We have a variety of duty free cars available in our warehouse. A facility, that no one else provides in Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad at the moment. The diplomat is free to inspect the car before buying. We also provide the facility of importing the car on your demand.

Unlike other dealers, Alamco Diplomatic Bond is a registered company verified by Security and exchange commission of Pakistan (S.E.C.P), Federal Board of Revenue (F.B.R) and The Customs department of Pakistan. We provide used vehicles with their inspection report which can be verified from the Japanese auction websites. We take great pride in providing a complete solution for all of the diplomat needs.

A One Stop Shop For Your Automobile

51 years of experience

We take pride in being the pioneers in establishing a Diplomatic Bonded Warehouse. The very first License (01/1971) was granted to our company in 1971. Diplomats and privileged personnel can benefit from our company by selecting from our already imported duty free cars in stock. Diplomats can also order cars according to their requirements.

“A one stop shop for your automobile needs”. Our services include:

  1. Selling Vehicles
  2. Maintenance & repair of soft skin and armored vehicles
  3. Armoring Vehicles
  4. Buying back Vehicles
  5. Renting out Vehicles

We are situated inside the diplomatic enclave!