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For years diplomats have been facing problems while buying good quality duty free cars. We have set up our company so that we can provide diplomats with verified good quality cars in our readily available stock. A facility, that no one else provides in Pakistan at the moment. The diplomat is free to test drive and inspect the car the way he pleases before buying. We also provide the facility of importing cars on the diplomat’s demand.

Unlike other dealers, we are a registered company verified by Security and exchange commission of Pakistan (S.E.C.P), Federal Board of Revenue (F.B.R) and The Customs department of Pakistan, since 1971. We provide used vehicles with their maintenance history which can be verified from the Japanese auction website. After re-launching our company in 2014 we take great pride in providing a complete solution for all of the diplomats needs. Our services include:

  • Selling of new and used cars.
  • Available stock of duty free cars.
  • A buy back facility from diplomats.
  • Provision of repair and maintenance services of soft skin and armored vehicles.
  • Provision of manufacturing service of armored vehicles with warranty in collaboration with Pak Armoring (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Provision of vehicle detailing services.
  • Provision of Ceramic/ glass coating of vehicles that protects the interior and exterior of the vehicle with life up to 03 years.
  • We provide vehicles for rent for as low as $150 per month to diplomats only.
  • We sell vehicles to diplomats on easy installments as well.

We will be eagerly awaiting your visit to our bonded warehouse in Islamabad and we wish to cater to your needs regarding vehicles.

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